Are you fed up with the Federal Government and "Federal” Reserve de-valuing their notes (called dollars) by continuing to print more and more thereby putting tax payers deeper into debt? Are you frustrated by the ineffectiveness of all the tea parties, petitions and letters to your Congressmen, while it still appears that those in power care little about what you and I think or believe? By trading "Lawful Money", called "rounds", you are sending a strong statement to government, putting purchasing power back in your own hands and taking the fight for just weights and measures to a whole new level.

Let us now take you on a virtual tour... Step back in time to witness quotes from not only some of the nation's business giants, but also from our country's founding fathers. Next, watch and listen as economic forecasters, trending experts and national leaders explain the possible future demise of the US dollar. Finally, let us introduce you to the possibilities available through your use of "Lawful Money". Begin the tour now by clicking on the MORE button below at right (and continue doing so)...
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